CureSearch for Children's Cancer Fund Research
June 2014 Results
CureSearch Impact Report  

Twice a year, CureSearch will release an Impact Report to detail the impact of its research initiatives and educational programs on childhood cancer. Ultimately, CureSearch is working to change the odds for those children most at risk. Read the Summer Impact Report here.

Dr. William Weiss  

Dr. William Weiss, a CureSearch Acceleration Initiative researcher at The Regents of the University of California, San Franscisco is developing a novel treatment for high-risk brain tumors. See his 6-month research update here.

Dr. Kathleen Sakamoto  

Dr. Kathleen Sakamoto and Dr. Irving Weissman are CureSearch Acceleration Initiative researchers from Stanford University who have developed a Phase I trial to treat children's cancer with a new antibody therapy. See their 6-month research update here.

Dr. Debanjan Dhar  

Debanjan Dhar, PhD at the University of California, San Diego is a CureSearch Young Investigator studying CD44, a cell surface protein that affects the development of liver cancer. See his latest research update here.

Tate Hartzler  

For most parents, the first few months after welcoming a new baby into the family can be overwhelming. But for Jodi's family, a cancer diagnosis turned life upside down. By the time Tate was 9 weeks old, Jodi had begun to be increasingly concerned about his health. Read more

MJ Golf Classic  

At CureSearch, we know that many families affected by children's cancer often want to raise funds to help fight this devastating disease. Thinking of creating a champion fund for a child you love? Let CureSearch help you make the greatest impact with your fund! Read more

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