MOM. It's Not Just a Name. It's a Verb.

  • The Lauer Family: Ethan (Dad), Anna (sister), Sadie (survivor), Erin (Mom)

Who's your favorite mom? Think about that for a minute.

Think about how she is, or was, with her kids. She is their teacher, playmate, disciplinarian, safety blanket, and best advocate. And, you know the difference between when she is MOMMY and MOM, right? When she's in "MOM mode" and advocating for her children, you don't really want to mess with her. After all, she is relentless, fighting hard, and sacrificing anything to help her children.

Go MOMWell, this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, at CureSearch we're taking that "MOM mode" and making it into a verb. Because whether you're a mom, a dad, a grandparent, sibling, doctor, friend, or anyone else who loves, or has loved, a child with cancer, you know that it's that MOM energy that is required in the pursuit of cures.

So join us, and Go MOM on Cancer.

How? It's simple. Starting in mid-August we will be launching partnerships with online retailers, beginning a paint-your-nails gold campaign, and selling gear like This Dad Goes MOM on Cancer shirts. And, when you Go MOM on Cancer, you not only bring increased awareness of children's cancer, you also help to raise funds so CureSearch can continue to fund research so that every child can have the future they deserve and their parents dream of.

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