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Boston Medical Update

Written Jul 11, 2012 1:23pm by Andy Hoffman 

Wanted to give all of our family, friends and prayer warriors a quick update.

So far, Jack has met with his neurosurgeon, neurologist, and neuro-oncologist. This morning, he had his MRI.

From January to April, Jack's tumor grew a fair amount. However, we are pleased to report that from April to July, the tumor remained stable and has not grown any!! That is a therapeutic victory!! At first look at the MRI, it looked like it might have even shrunk. However, officially, it is stable and not growing. This is the goal of therapy. Chemotherapy seems to be doing its job.

Jack has a neuro-psychology exam on Friday here in Boston, and then will receive chemotherapy Friday afternoon at Dana Farber. We will fly back Saturday morning.

On another side note, Jack was a special guest at the Uplifting Athletes (Boston College Football Chapter) Banquet near Boston last night. If anyone is interested in photos, they are on the Team Jack Facebook page. Here is a link to one of the photos .... which is of Jack and Boston College Alum and Super Bowl Champion Mark Herzlich. Mark serves as a huge inspiration for anyone battling cancer as he battled Ewing sarcoma while playing at BC, and battled back onto the field. The Rare Disease Champion Award Trophy, which was won by Rex Burkhead, is a statute of Mark Herzlich.

Thank you again for all of your love, support, and prayers. Your support can be felt clear on the east coast. We will update more details later.

God Bless,

Andy, Bri, Jack, Ava & Reese


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