Cause Marketing with CureSearch

Cause-related marketing is a strategic positioning and marketing partnership that links a company or brand to a relevant social cause or issue, for mutual benefit. According to the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study, 83% of Americans would like to see more of the products, services or retailer they use support worthy causes. (Source: Cause Marketing Forum)

The benefits of strategic philanthropy include:

  • Enhanced public perception of your brand
  • Increased revenue
  • Access to new markets and audiences
  • Creation of a unique selling point over your competitors
  • Strong incentives for consumers to switch to your brand
  • Increased long-term customer loyalty
  • Improved relationships with supply chain and retailers
  • Improved employee morale and loyalty

There are many ways to become a cause marketing partner. CureSearch for Children's Cancer will work with you to create a customized campaign that will be most effective for your company's goals.

If you are interested in joining CureSearch, on a national level, to help save kids with cancer, please follow this link to see if CureSearch is the right fit for your organization.

For all other strategic philanthropy interests, please email

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