Meet the Children: Nick Wolf

In May 2011, Nick Wolf was experiencing a persistent headache and nausea. His mother, Christina, took him to the doctor who informed them that she suspected Nick had a brain tumor, but that they should monitor his symptoms to see if they persisted. The headaches and nausea continued and one day Nick started uncontrollably clenching and unclenching his hand. His mom took him back to the doctor, and an MRIwas ordered.

The family tried to schedule an MRI, but were told that they would have to wait several days for the procedure. When Nick’s pain became unbearable, they rushed him to the hospital where their worst fears were confirmed. Nick had a 5cm Primitive Neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) on the right side of his brain that would require surgeryradiation, and chemotherapy. The family prepared for surgery and the months of treatment that would follow. Luckily, their surgeon was able to remove the tumor completely, significantly increasing Nick’s chance for beating cancer.

After the surgery Nick was discharged from the hospital to recover before starting radiation and chemotherapy. When Nick went home, he was too weak to walk unassisted, but was determined to get stronger before treatment started. He began playing Wii Fit to help regain his strength and within a few weeks, he was walking on his own.

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