Every Now


Every 40 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. That’s 36 children today, tomorrow, and every day after that. The search for cures is happening now. Every Now. Will you help?

CureSearch is funding research that will solve the field’s most challenging problems. To help find cures now. Every Now.

The big issues: One out of 5 children diagnosed with cancer dies. 60% of those who survive suffer late effects from their treatment, including secondary cancers. The pace at which research must move to find cures and less toxic treatments needs to increase. Novel research needs funding and unwavering support.

Small steps forward: For 36 days, until the first of the New Year, we ask you to take our challenges. Nothing complicated, just small actions you can take to support the children diagnosed every day, which is big.

Together, we can make the most of Every Now

Invite your friends & family, and their friends & family to take today’s challenge!

Visit CureSearch.org/EveryNow to donate, participate, and help to grow the community of those searching for cures Every Now.

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