“If I could do one thing, I would cure cancer.”

This Mom Goes MOM on Cancer

Christy Jones 2

When Christy’s son Gavin was 9-years-old, he was diagnosed with a germinoma brain tumor that was the size of an orange. After his diagnosis, he underwent surgery to remove the tumor, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. When Gavin was diagnosed, Christy’s heart broke; she couldn’t believe that they had found a tumor in her son. “Gavin was amazing he took everything so well, telling me, ‘it’s good Mom. They found what is wrong with me and I will be fixed and you don’t have to worry anymore,’” says Christy.  She took that spirit with her throughout treatment, trying to remember that if her son could handle it, so could she. No matter what, they were going to Go MOM on Cancer.

Treatment was terrible for the family; Gavin had trouble remembering simple tasks, and would be in immense amounts of pain, with no way to communicate it. “Watching your son get sick over and over and over again having no way to make him feel better at all,” says Christy. “That is my job – being a mother and taking care of him, and making him feel better. I couldn’t help him, I hated it.” She became an advocate for her son, looking for ways to comfort him during treatment, and ways to help him thrive now that he is cancer free.

Now three years cancer free, Christy and her family began looking for a way to help Gavin and others like him. They came across the Kansas City CureSearch Walk, and immediately signed up. They loved the sense of community that the Walk had, and can’t wait to return next year. “Walking for a purpose was great. It was amazing to see all the people come together to walk for a cure,” explains Christy.

Christy fought hard for her son throughout treatment and now she continues to Go MOM on Cancer, so that other moms don’t have to watch their children suffer.

“If I could do one thing in the world, I would cure cancer,” she says.

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