Little Girl Inspires Des Moines Walker to Make a Difference


Chasity Huffman fell in love with Taylor the second she saw her picture and read her story on Facebook. She knew immediately that she had to do something for the little girl who was battling stage III neuroblastoma. Being a parent herself, she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to watch your child go through chemotherapy, antibody therapy, and take too many medications to count in the hopes that they would help her fight cancer.

While she had never met Taylor, Chasity knew children’s cancer was a cause she wanted to support. So, she began looking for an organization to get involved with and found out that the Des Moines CureSearch Walk was taking place in May, near where Taylor and her family lived. She signed up, started recruiting friends and raising funds right away.

Her team, named Walking 4 Miss Taylor, organized unique fundraisers in their community such as a jewelry sale, water color sale, and even an event involving goats! By the time the Walk came around, Chasity was sure that her team would be number one, and that Taylor would get to lead the survivors as they walked with their CureSearch banner.

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