Baby V. Fund Inspires Others to Make a Difference

When Vincenza was 9 months old, her parents knew something was wrong. She was experiencing flu-like symptoms, but nothing seemed to help. One day, her abdomen became severely distended and she was rushed to the hospital. After many tests, doctors informed her family that Vincenza had stage I hepatoblastoma, and that they had to start treatment immediately. With very few options available, her family decided to move forward with surgery. During the procedure, Vincenza’s tumor ruptured and her cancer diagnosis was elevated to stage 3. A better treatment was needed, and her parents eventually found a unique form of chemotherapy being studied at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital in NY.

Disappointed by the lack of options available because Vincenza’s cancer was rare, and very little research was being funded, Tim decided to start the Baby V. Fund at CureSearch. The fund raises money to advance research on liver tumors and improve treatments, as well as giving the people around them a way to make a difference.

“I chose direct funding from our efforts to CureSearch because it became apparent to me that it is one of the few organizations addressing rare cancers and seeking to improve treatments for children. It is important to our family to ensure no one has to lose their child to cancer.”

Vincenza responded well to treatment and is now cancer free, but she and her family know that sometimes others are not so fortunate. Now 9-years-old, Vincenza is a spit fire who is passionate about her foundation’s cause. She tells everyone about the importance of funding children’s cancer research. Though Vincenza has been marked by cancer permanently, she doesn’t let it stop her from enjoying life. She and her family want others to be given the opportunity to live the life they dream of.

Tell us your story and how you are fighting back against children’s cancer by commenting below.

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