The Ultimate Hike Brings Together a Passion for the Outdoors and Children Fighting Cancer

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CureSearch Ultimate Hike events are challenging, one-day journeys, held along the trails of spectacular natural settings in parks across the country. In this true ultimate challenge, hikers raise funds for children’s cancer research and trek 15-35 miles in just one day – a feat that requires determination, and mental and physical preparation, but not previous hiking experience.

Armed with coaches, a training schedule, group hikes, and personal fundraising websites, participants train for 8-10 weeks and then set off on their weekend adventure. Once arriving at the Hike location, a pre-event pasta party and post-event breakfast add to the Hikers’ sense of camaraderie.

What started in 2011 has become a tradition among the cancer community, drawing hundreds of hikers each year to show that they will stop at anything to find a cure. Learn how you can join the Ultimate Hike experience by visiting

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