Meet the Children: Maggie Sarbora

Maggie-Sarbora-Web1Maggie was an energetic and enthusiastic 2 1/2 year old when her parents noticed that she had become very tired. Instead of running around with her friends, she was more content to watch.

Her parents took her to her to the doctor where they performed blood work. Much to Maggie’s mother, Stephanie’s, surprise their doctor told them to head to the hospital right away. Once they arrived, they received news that they never expected, Maggie was diagnosed with low-risk b-cell leukemia.

They started treatment immediately, but it wasn’t always easy. The first month was hard for Maggie and her family. She had to be hospitalized for weeks while her body got used to the chemotherapy. Stephanie was happy when they were finally able to bring Maggie home and away from the hospital.

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