Returning to School

For many children, cancer means extended absences from school.  Sometimes these absences come in the form of a few weeks at a time, and sometimes for several months or an entire school year.  Regardless of how long the absence, returning to school can be challenging not only for the child with cancer, but also for the child’s classmates and teachers.

When your child is ready to return to school, it is important to talk about any feelings, especially fears, about going back. Some children return without hair and fear being made fun of, some return in wheel chairs and aren’t sure how they will play at recess or can’t return to sports teams.  And for some, treatment may have caused learning challenges.

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is proud that one of the many resources on our website is a section about school support for your child. In this section, at, we offer practical suggestions for parents and teachers to help your child return to school, and continue his or her education when out of school for a long period of time.

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