Meet the Children: Margo Miller

Margo Miller21-month-old Margo Miller hadn’t been herself for weeks. She had a fever on and off, was cranky at daycare, and wasn’t eating well. Her mother, Gina, took her to their pediatrician to see what could be causing her behavior.

Her pediatrician couldn’t find anything that could be causing her pain, but suggested that Gina bring Margo back on Monday so that they could run some additional tests. They went home and tried to enjoy a normal weekend.

On Monday, Gina and Margo headed back to the pediatrician, where her they noticed red dots on her legs. Gina was told that Margo had to have a blood test done immediately. Once the blood work came back, their pediatrician told them news that they never hoped to hear, Margo had acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).

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