Meet the Children: Cora Johnson

Cora JohnsonIn seventh grade, Cora found a lump in her breast. She and her mother Martha went to the doctor to see what was causing the lump. Cora’s doctors performed an ultrasound, but the results were inconclusive. After another ultrasound her team of doctors determined that she had a tumor. They weren’t sure what type of cancer Cora had, but they knew that they had to remove it.

Cora had surgery at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, where doctors discovered that she had a rare form a skin cancer called Dermafibrosarcoma Puterberan. Another surgery was needed to ensure that clear margins were obtained. Since then Cora continues to be monitored by her oncologist and surgeon.

While they were at the hospital, Cora saw a poster for the CureSearch Walk and told her mom that she wanted to get involved. They formed a team – Cora’s Pink Posse – and started fundraising right away. Cora has taken the lead on organizing events and motivating her teammates to continue fundraising. Helping other children with cancer has become her passion. “We love seeing people come together to support survivors and those who have lost their battles,” says Martha. “Seeing people come together is really moving. The CureSearch Walk has become a great community.”

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