Meet the Children: Luke Crecelius

Michelle and her family were shocked when they found out their 2-year-old son, Luke, had cancer. They received the official diagnosis on August 5, 2013. Their active and loving son had AML.

Luke began treatment immediately at Children’s Hospital of Orange County and received 84 doses of chemotherapy during his 114 days at the hospital. Because of his type of cancer, Luke had to stay in the hospital for each round. Every time, his family would anxiously wait for his white blood cell count to come back up so that they could go home. Despite the extended stays, Luke always remained upbeat.

During treatment, Luke received a superhero cape, and would proudly wear it around the hospital so that everyone knew that his superpower was beating cancer.

Michelle always knew that Luke was a fighter, and his battle with cancer showed just how strong he was. Luke completed his 4th and final round of chemotherapy on December 18, 2013 and was declared cancer free!

Throughout treatment, family friends told Michelle how they wanted to raise funds for children like Luke. Michelle had heard about CureSearch and about the research that was being funded, so she knew that was the organization she wanted to be involved with.

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