Meet the Children: Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

In 2012 when Alex was just 6 he started complaining of aches and a sore throat. His symptoms persisted, so his mother, Jamie, brought him to their family doctor. His doctor ran tests for strep throat and the flu; when the tests came back negative, they decided to run blood tests as a precaution.

The blood test results surprised everyone, as Alex showed signs of leukemia. His pediatrician told the family to head to the hospital immediately, so they traveled the three hours to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska where Alex had more tests performed. The results confirmed his doctor’s fears, Alex had leukemia.

Alex started eight months of intensechemotherapy and 8 days of cranial radiationimmediately. His treatment will take more than 3 years, but he has been amazing throughout it all. “We are so inspired by his attitude,” explains Jamie. “He never complains about what is going on, just goes through treatment with a smile on his face.”

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