Meet the Children: Easton Begoon

Easton-Web1In the Spring of 2011, Easton Begoon’s mom, Tara, noticed that Easton was sleeping a lot, running fevers, and seemed congested with trouble breathing. At his 2 year-old-appointment she voiced concern about bruising, but was told that he was just an active 2 year old boy that might be a little clumsy.

Fevers continued to pop up each week and the doctors ran some tests and put Easton on antibiotics for strep. His doctors thought that he would start feeling better over the weekend, but he didn’t get better. The next day he woke up with what she believed to be a rash, so Tara brought him back to the doctor. Once the doctor saw the “rash”, she ordered further testing. That “rash” was actually petechiae, or bruising under the skin due to extremely low platelets. Once the results were back, they were told that they had to go to the hospital immediately via ambulance.

When they got to the hospital, an oncologist told them the shocking news. Easton had leukemia. The oncologist told Tara that they had never seen someone with such low platelets or hemoglobin and such a high white blood cell count. They were amazed that Easton had made it through the weekend. Further testing revealed that Easton had a very rare form of leukemia called ETP ALL.

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