Haven’s High Steppers High Step For Daughter

When Haven was diagnosed with Haven Anderson - Web2neuroblastoma in 2012, she was just 2 years old, and her family was shocked. The cancer was found in her adrenal gland and required 8 rounds ofchemotherapyradiation, MIBG therapy, and stem cell transplant. Haven is still recovering from the stem cell transplant, but is back at school and receives chemotherapy every three weeks. While she is doing well, her family knows that she still has a long road in front of her.

After Haven was diagnosed, her mother, Erin, knew that she wanted to do something to help other children like her daughter. They heard about the CureSearch Walk through their hospital, and the event seemed like the perfect fit. They joined the Rocky Mountain CureSearch Walk in 2012 and immersed themselves into fundraising.

They formed the team, Haven’s High Steppers, and recruited family and friends to help them raise essential funds for research. Erin tried to make fundraising fun, creating small competitions between her teammates. She and her friend Erik started a bet about who could raise the most. Erik won in 2012, but Erin beat him in 2013 and is hoping do so again this year.

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