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My brother. My hero.

This guest blog post by Kelli Very Wright When you hear childhood cancer, you think babies. toddlers. middle school.  I hear childhood cancer and think teenager. college. brother. I came home for Thanksgiving break in Fall 2004, and my mom told me my brother Mike, a 17 year old freshman in college, had osteosarcoma, a […]

At-Home Drug Errors Common for Kids With Cancer, Research Shows

Study author says parents need more support, better awareness FRIDAY, May 3 (HealthDay News) — Children with cancer often have complex medication regimens — sometimes as many as 20 drugs a day — that they take at home, and mistakes are common, a new study finds. Errors often occur when parents don’t understand how to […]

Helping Parents Understand Port Access

Many tests and procedures are done to during cancer treatment to administer medication and see exactly where cancer cells are located inside the body. The following video demonstrates two types of port access in patients receiving chemotherapy. This video was designed to educate parents and caregivers by showing actual patients being accessed for treatment. Our intent […]

Top Ten Fundraiser Ideas

Looking for a fun way to raise funds for CureSearch? Below are some unique fundraising ideas that you can use to help CureSearch fund innovative and targeted research. 1.Bake Sales: bake sales are an easy way to raise money for your CureSearch Walk team. Gather up your team mates and have everyone bring a baked […]

Nurse Helps Educate and Heal Her Patients

Valerie Rigby, RN has been in the nursing field for more than 22 years. She started as a nurse in England, and eventually moved to the United States. While in England, Val helped develop one of the first pain and palliative care programs aimed at helping families learn more about a diagnosis and treatment plan, […]

FDA Drug Approval Process

The Food and Drug Administration drug approval process can often be confusing. New drugs go through multiple steps, including clinical trials, before they reach a patient.  In this infographic, the drug approval process is explained. To see the full infographic, visit

Accelerate the Search: Find the Cure

At CureSearch, we are excited to announce our funding portfolio for 2013! Over the last 25 years, CureSearch has been a leader in funding children’s cancer research and this year we are launching a new funding platform that will help accelerate the search for cures. CureSearch will to continue to support clinical trials through the […]