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Day in the Life: Sarah Dill

Sarah Dill’s grandmother showed her the importance of giving back from a young age. After losing her son to leukemia when he was just three, Sarah’s grandmother was passionate about supporting children’s cancer research and awareness – a passion she shares with her granddaughter. Throughout high school, Sarah created and worked on Rockin’ for A […]

Day in the Life- Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is a Twin Cities CureSearch Walk committee member and Clinical Research Associate at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Jennifer works with a team of research staff to help coordinate patient’s clinical trial participation. Jennifer loves knowing that the work she is doing is bringing medical professionals one step closer to a cure. […]

Day in the Life: Teri Freeman

Teri Freeman is a Birmingham CureSearch Walk committee member. Her daughter, Bekah, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when she was 12 years old. Since then, Teri has become an advocate for children with cancer, telling anyone who will listen about the importance of increased funding and awareness. Q:  What lead you to CureSearch? A:  My daughter was diagnosed […]

Day in the Life: Dr. Kolb

E. Anders Kolb, MD is a pediatric oncologist at Nemours/ Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Kolb Goes MOM on Cancer every day striving to provide his patients with the best possible care. He loves getting to know his patients and their families and will stop at nothing to be the […]

Day in the Life: Susan Schrader

  “That cancer killed Ella is tragic. How cancer killed her is sad. That cancer treatment itself is brutal is something we must change,” said Carol Schrader, Susan’s sister and Ella’s mom. “When I volunteer and walk for CureSearch, I take small steps toward the huge goal of curing pediatric cancer. For Ella and every kid who is living […]

Day in the Life: Robin and Liz

Robin and Liz are social workers at the St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. They were lead to social work through different paths, but neither can imagine doing anything else. They believe that every patient is a unique chance to make a difference. CureSearch recently caught up with Robin and Liz to learn more […]

Day in the Life: Bethany Smyth

Bethany Smyth is a pediatric oncology nurse at Brooke Army Medical Center who is dedicated to her patients and their families. Bethany has been a nurse for 8 years, and can’t imagine doing anything else. She is a long time CureSearch supporter, completing the 2012 Texas Hill Country Ultimate Hike and participating in the San […]