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What is Translational Research? Explaining the “Valley of Death’”

In our last post, we explored the different phases of cancer research. One of these phases—translational research—is sometimes referred to as the “Valley of Death.” Translational research got this reputation because the process of translating early discoveries into effective treatments for patients is time-consuming, costly, and often unsuccessful. A discovery in basic science—for instance, a […]

The Challenging Road to New Childhood Cancer Therapies

Even though cancer is responsible for more deaths in children than all other diseases combined, the road to developing new treatments for pediatric cancer is long and slow. There are roughly four phases in the development of new therapies: basic research, translational research, clinical trials, and FDA review and approval. Basic research is motivated by […]

New Promising Information to Treat, Cure Childhood Leukemias

(Science World Report) – Researchers from the UT Health Center may have pinpointed a protein that could potentially play a key role in the development of pediatric AML-promising new information to treat and cure possible childhood leukemias. Background information from the study notes that AML begins when maturing cells start to grow into different kinds […]

Understanding MRI’s

An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) uses a special scanning machine to take pictures of the inside of the body. The patient will lie still on the table inside the MRI machine while it takes pictures. There will be a rhythmic knocking sound during the scan, like a drumbeat. Some children are frightened by the sound. Parents are unable […]

Researcher Examines Impact of Extra Chromosome on Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Human cells are made of many parts, including chromosomes which are organized structures of DNA. Their job is to help direct the actions of various types of cells. There are 23 chromosomes and normally, each cell contains 2 copies of each chromosome for a total of 46 chromosomes. Scientists have long known that many types of […]

A Novel Epigenetic Strategy to Treat Ewing Sarcoma

Mary Beckerle, PhDRalph E. and William T. Main Presidential ProfessorCEO and Director, Huntsman Cancer InstituteThe University of Utah A team at Huntsman Cancer Institute that includes Mary Beckerle, PhD, Steve Lessnick, MD, PhD, Sunil Sharma, MD, and Alana Welm, PhD has received a $1.73 million grant from CureSearch to test a novel targeted treatment for […]

Helping Parents Understand MRIs

New clinical videos demonstrate procedures to patients and families CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is pleased to share a video in our series designed to familiarize cancer patients and their parents with common tests and procedures. Our goal with these videos is to provide education in a non-threatening way that reduces anxiety for everyone, including appropriately-aged […]