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Meet the Children: Kate Prokop

Our family’s journey with cancer began in February of 2008. My daughter, Kate, was 4 years old and in preschool at the time. She had not been feeling well. She had a low grade fever and red dots on her ankles. We became concerned and took Kate to the pediatrician. After performing a variety of […]

What is Translational Research? Explaining the “Valley of Death’”

In our last post, we explored the different phases of cancer research. One of these phases—translational research—is sometimes referred to as the “Valley of Death.” Translational research got this reputation because the process of translating early discoveries into effective treatments for patients is time-consuming, costly, and often unsuccessful. A discovery in basic science—for instance, a […]

The Challenging Road to New Childhood Cancer Therapies

Even though cancer is responsible for more deaths in children than all other diseases combined, the road to developing new treatments for pediatric cancer is long and slow. There are roughly four phases in the development of new therapies: basic research, translational research, clinical trials, and FDA review and approval. Basic research is motivated by […]

Six Young Investigator Grants Now Available!

$1.3 million in research funding to be provided by CureSearch CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is now accepting applications for six (6) Young Investigator Grants. These “Young Investigator Pathway to Independence Grants” are funded at $225,000 each over three years and will be available in the areas of neuroblastoma, palliative care, rhabdomyosarcoma, and three “open” areas. “Open” […]

Why Even ‘Failure’ Is Important

Most of us probably learned about the scientific method in grade school: ask a question, do research, construct a hypothesis, test it to see if it works, analyze results, and communicate the conclusion. We also probably learned that even when your experiment doesn’t turn out the way you expected, the results are still important! This […]

Update: Researcher to Study Bone Fractures in Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Survivors

Researchers and physicians know that children who undergo cancer treatment are at risk for decreased bone mineral density because many cancer treatments negatively affect bone health. It is particularly important that children and adolescents develop strong bone density because bone strength decreases in adulthood. Despite this knowledge, little is known about the rate at which […]

The View From The Top Of The Mountain

This guest blog post by Tania Hecht The summer before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was in the mountains teaching backpacking and wilderness skills to children, many of them from disadvantaged backgrounds. At 16, I had spent the last ten summers exploring the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, and I found purpose and […]