Vienna Mom Raises Awareness of Childhood Cancer, One Gold Ribbon at a Time

Christine Remy and Sabrina(Vienna Patch) - September 17, 2013: Most people recognize the ubiquitous pink ribbon that adorns cars, tee shirts, and fundraising request, but not many people recognize the meaning of a gold ribbon.

Are you stumped?

The gold ribbon is the symbol of childhood cancer awareness. September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and in Vienna, one mom is dedicated to raising awareness one gold ribbon at a time.

Christine Remy's daughter, Sabrina, is a cherubic little girl with a shock of curly red hair and a winning smile.

Upon first glance, one would never guess that Sabrina battled pediatric cancer. Sabrina was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in May 2012. She endured two cycles of chemotherapy at home, and then the family traveled to New York for her tumor resection surgery, spending more than a month in the hospital.

While Sabrina was in the hospital, Christine decided to research childhood cancers and realized that there wasn't a lot of funding going towards research.

"There’s not enough recognition of childhood cancers," she said. "There's a lot of work to be done."

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