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We're happy to provide this video library comprised of the CureSearch Educational Video Series and the CureSearch Webinar Series as a resource for children and families currently undergoing treatment.

Below please find a collection of short videos that demonstrate and explain common medical procedures and treatments (including central lines, lumbar punctures, MRIs, echocardiograms, and radiation therapy), as well as webinars to help families, patients and child life specialists understand the psychological impact of cancer, from diagnosis to the end of treatment.

CureSearch Educational Video Series

Central Lines 

Learn more about central lines here.

Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) 

Learn more about lumbar punctures here.


Learn more about MRIs here.


Learn more about echocardiograms here.

Radiation Therapy 

Learn more about radiation therapy here.

CureSearch Webinar Series - Child Life Specialist Webinars

Helping Adolescents Overcome Issues Presented by Cancer 

Critical Conversations: Discussing End of Life with Children and Families 

Effectively Using Pain Management and Palliative Care in Children's Cancer Treatment 

CureSearch Webinar Series - Parents Webinars

Handling Emotions During Cancer Treatment 

Managing School During and After Treatment 

Forming a Caring Group to Support Family 


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