Triangle Residents Raise Money for Childhood Cancer Cure

(Technician Online) - September 16, 2013: More than 200 people participated in Saturday's CureSearch walk around Centennial Campus to raise money for child cancer research.

CureSearch is a Maryland-based nonprofit which supports children's enrollment in lifesaving clinical trials and provides information and resources to the families and support systems of children with cancer.

"Part of the need [for CureSearch] is that the majority of treatments out there are aimed at adults so there is really kind of a lack of funding and sometimes awareness about children's cancer across the spectrum," said Zachary Feuerherd, a community development manager for CureSearch.

Participants attended the CureSearch walk for many different reasons. Some were parents with young children battling cancer, such as Pamela Levi, whose son, Zach, recently relapsed after a two-year remission. Zach suffers from neuroblastoma, a malignant form of cancer that develops from nerve tissue.

Beth Lippert has worked in childhood oncology for 33 years. Lippert said she participated in the walk because of the good she sees coming from cancer research.

"CureSearch is awesome because when I first started out the cure rate for childhood leukemia was like 10 percent, and now leukemia's cure rate is like 95 percent," Lippert said. "That is all from research."

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