Together, We Went MOM on Cancer

It took all of us - moms, dads, doctors, nurses, siblings and more, not to mention the children with cancer - but together, we Went MOM on Cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! All across the country, very special people like you joined CureSearch to Go MOM on Cancer, and we are so grateful. Here are just a few of the wonderful stories we heard about...

  • A man who has been donating platelets to help cancer patients for more than 20 years made a special trip to the blood donation center so he could be sure to donate during this special month
  • An entire family - 3 brothers, mom and dad have been wearing gold nail polish all month in honor of the 4th brother, who lost his battle with cancer this year
  • CureCards have been for sale in one town, raising money and spreading awareness of the need to fund research to find cures
  • A woman painted a yellow ribbon on a field so every time an airplane passed overhead, those looking out the window were reminded about childhood cancer
  • A grateful father chaired the largest CureSearch Walk in the country, which raised more than $300,000
  • 7,500 CureSearch Walkers and Ultimate Hikers participated in events all across the country

At CureSearch, we Went MOM on Cancer too, awarding more than $5 million to three research grants that will accelerate the search for cures! And, we hosted our first scientific symposium and launched our fall Parent Webinar Series!


Continue to Go MOM on Cancer by making a donation to fund research today!

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