Sarina Smith
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
3-years-old at Diagnosis

CANCER....the scariest word in the English language. REMISSION....the most beautiful word in the English language. A rollercoaster ride you start from the word cancer to the word remission. Sarina was a beautiful normal three and half year old child until the day a golf ball grew out of her neck. This is when we were thrust into the world of childhood cancer.  Stage 4 B Hodgkin's Lymphoma was the diagnosis. She underwent chemotherapy and went into remission at the age of six and a half. She still battles with side effects of the life saving yet deadly drugs. Sarina is a SURVIVOR in every sense of the word. We pray, wish and hope that there is a day not too far in the future when no parent has to hold their child in their arms and hear the word cancer.

Heather Smith : proud mom of Sarina Smith

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