Madyson Gibellino
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

4 Years Old at Diagnosis

My daughter, Madyson was always a very happy, playful child. When we noticed a sudden change in her attitude and energy, we knew something was wrong. After a few doctor's visits and Emergency Room visits, we were given the worst news possible. "Your daughter has leukemia".

The words still make me shudder today. After immediately thinking the worst, we were given hope. We were told the type of leukemia has a very good survival rate and the prognosis is really good. We were told our daughter would follow the treatment protocol that was put out by CureSearch.

As she began her treatment, we became more and more confident that she would indeed be okay. After a month of treatment she was in remission, and went through six more months of intense therapy before hitting the Maintenance portion, where she is now. We still have a little over a year to go, but so far she is doing great. We hold CureSearch in a very special place in our hearts. We truly believe that without them, and the vast research that was done by them, we would not have our daughter here today. We are very active in the CureSearch Walks, and do whatever we can to help.


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