Local Family Battles Pediatric Cancer

Welling Family(ThisWeek Community News) - September 18, 2013: A simple observation about their then-4-year-old son Aiden led to a diagnosis that surprised Cara and Brian Welling, and Aiden's pediatrician.

"There was one night when I was putting him to bed, and I tapped on his tummy and I noticed how hard it was," Cara Welling said.

She said she called her pediatrician's office, who directed her to call after the weekend if she still was concerned.

Watching Aiden play that weekend almost made her reconsider.

"He looked so normal that I kind of had second thoughts," Mrs. Welling said.

But Mr. Welling had a light day at work that Monday, so he took Aiden to see his doctor.

Thinking it might be a bowel obstruction, the doctor ordered an MRI, which showed something shocking.

"He had a tumor the size of a cantaloupe," Mrs. Welling said.

On Aug. 20 last year, Aiden, now 5, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, or cancer of the nervous system. The tumor was growing on an adrenal gland.

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