Irish for a Cure Raises $1,700
Chicago community comes together for children's cancer

Megan ConwayWhen Megan Conway was a teenager, her friend Meghan was diagnosed with Wilms tumor. After her diagnosis, her family and a group of friends formed a team at the Chicago CureSearch Walk to honor Meghan's fight. Sadly, Meghan passed away in 2011 when she was 22. Megan began looking for other ways to honor Meghan's life and her courageous battle. When she heard about the Ultimate Hike she jumped at the opportunity.

Megan began training for the Techumseh Trail Ultimate Hike and quickly formed not only a bond with her fellow hikers but also a love of hiking. As she thought of fundraising ideas, she knew that she wanted to incorporate something that she and Meghan had participated in together. Megan and Meghan grew up taking Irish dancing classes, and became close friends during the hours spent practicing. Putting together an Irish dancing performance seemed like the perfect idea. Irish for a Cure was born!

Irish for a CureThe event took place on November 14, after Megan had completed the Tecumseh Trail Ultimate Hike, and it brought together the Chicago Irish community for a night of live music by famed musician Kevin Henry who is Meghan's grandfather, a dance performance by the Identity Irish Dancers, and a raffle. The event was a success and raised $1,700 for children's cancer research.

Irish for a Cure was the culmination of months of hard work to orchestrate it and train for the Hike. It allowed Megan to honor Meghan in their community, and help raise funds for children's cancer research. "The Ultimate Hike is a unique experience. The trail is gorgeous and my fellow hikers were amazing," reflects Megan. "Everyone that is hiking really cares about finding a cure for childhood cancer just like everyone at the Irish for a Cure event."

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