From Bench...To Bedside, We Are Fighting For The Future Every Child Deserves. Impact Report - Summer 2015

CureSearch Mission

Our mission is to end children's cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

Research Vision

Improve children's cancer treatment and cures to deliver the potential for childhood cancer patients to lead long, healthy lives.

Message From the CEO

Our mission to end children’s cancer is multifaceted. It takes targeted, innovative and accelerated research to get cures developed, tested, and measured. It takes perseverance and multiple efforts to find treatments suited for young cancer fighters so that survivors live longer, healthier lives. It takes dedication from industry partners to get successful treatments and cures to the bedside of the more than 40,000 children undergoing cancer treatment right now. It takes the families, caregivers, children with cancer, the communities that support them, and people like you to keep fighting and keep hope alive. And it takes CureSearch to bring it all together.

Laura Thrall
CureSearch for Children's Cancer


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Cures With Integrity

As we push toward finding cures and less-toxic treatment for children with cancer, we are guided by our CureSearch core values:


The CureSearch Difference
Only 4% of the government dollars for cancer research go specifically to pediatrics. And that pool of funding continues to shrink. Acknowledging that the government funded granting system has NOT resulted in enough new treatments in children's cancer, CureSearch has taken a more entrepreneurial approach.

We focus only on children's cancer.

We're not here just to fund research, we're here to drive patient impact.

Our Scientific Advisory Council and Scientific Review Board brain trust is unmatched.

We invest in large-scale grants over a three-year timeframe, which allows our researchers to focus on their work, not fundraising.

We hold ourselves - and our grant recipients - accountable through a novel measurement framework and frequent reporting to our constituents.

We build strong, long-term partnerships with our funded researchers so that successful work is supported beyond the scope of their original CureSearch grant.

We are bridging the 'valley of death' by creating unique partnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical industries to ensure that promising research makes it out of the lab and into the clinic.

Acceleration Initiative
CureSearch for Children's Cancer's $10M Acceleration Initiative elicits and invests in the best, most innovative pediatric cancer research that has the highest probability of reaching children within three years.

This $10M trailblazing initiative is our commitment to surface the most promising children's cancer research, drive it to clinical practice, and quickly find better treatments and cures.


$5M over three years

Drug Discovery & Development Pipeline
Mary Beckerle, PhD  A Novel Epigenetic Strategy to Treat Ewing Sarcoma

Huntsman Cancer Institute
University of Utah


New drugs for Ewing sarcoma
Tumor models
Tumor samples

Progress Report

"CureSearch has enabled us to perform the expensive and time-consuming phase of pre-clinical testing and helped us get closer to a clinical trial."

- Mary Beckerle, PhD

William Weiss, PhD  Overcoming Resistance in Medulloblastoma

The Regents of the
University of California, CA


New drugs to treat medulloblastoma
Tumor models
Tumor samples
Potential drug targets

Progress Report

"Funding from CureSearch has enabled my team to test drugs that are in the clinic or about to enter trials that can be re-purposed to treat medulloblastoma."

- William Weiss, PhD

Kathleen Sakamoto, MD, PhD

Stanford University


Novel therapy nearing clinical trial
Pediatric trial
Tumor types tested

Progress Report

"We are encouraged that with FDA approval, we can open the pediatric Phase I clinical trial by the end of 2016."

- Kathleen Sakamoto, MD, PhD

*Studies deferred.


In partnership with Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer REsearch

$2M over three years

International Awards in Pediatric Cancer


Targeted Research on New Approaches to Childhood Cancer Survivorship


Targeted Research on Accelerating the Delivery of New Therapies and Clinical Trial Design

Awards will be announced October 2015

Young Investigators

Young Investigator grants fund transformational science designed to deliver the next generation of cancer treatment. The program attracts early stage investigators and feeds the pipeline for future AI investigators.


$1.2M over two years

Twelve researchers focused on high-risk, poor outcome cancers:



69 patients enrolled in two clinical studies, 3 drug therapies in preclinical testing, 16 tumor models used, 350 drug targets identified, 14,070 genes investigated


$1.35M over three years

Encouraged by the promise and success of our first 12 Young Investigators, CureSearch recently awarded six new grants. The new grant term is three years and the award has more than doubled.

*First progress report expected in November 2015

CureSearch Community Impact Awards

CureSearch has supported clinical trials in hospitals across the country for many years. In 2014, 55 hospitals received funding to support their pediatric trials. In 2015, we are offering two types of awards for local institutions:

CureSearch Community Impact Awards

Community Impact Awards
for Caregivers

Gateway for Cancer ResearchCommunity Impact Awards for Clinical Trials In Partnership with Gateway For Cancer Research

These Community Impact Awards will support doctors, nurses, child life specialists, social workers and other medical professionals dedicated to caring for children with cancer. Areas of focus include:

  • Psychosocial Programs
  • Professional Training
  • Educational Resources

These CureSearch Community Impact Awards will support pilot or early phase clinical trials conducted at children’s hospitals throughout the US.


Accelerating The Search
All CureSearch supported research is required to report measurable results, milestones and achievements regularly. We evaluate our research rigorously with a focus on the ultimate goal: more cures for more children across more cancer types.

Because soon is not soon enough, CureSearch continues to accelerate the search for new cures. CureSearch bridges the gap between basic research discoveries and getting new cures to kids by:



CureSearch bridges the gap between entrepreneurs, healthcare sys, Big Pharma, government, philanthropy, academia, Little Pharma, and private organizations

A Focus On Family

In addition to driving research to end children's cancer, CureSearch is committed to supporting families and communities facing cancer today.

Eve Griffith

Eve Griffith
Stage V Wilms Tumor Survivor

Eve Griffith Video

Our website, which attracts more than 400,000 visitors per year, offers a broad spectrum of educational resources and tools

CureSearch Partners

Our work would not be possible without the generous support of thousands of Walkers, Hikers, Challenge-Seekers, and donors.

It is our honor to recognize the following partners for their extraordinary support:

Genentech | Love Your Melon | eBay giving works
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Donor Funds and Ultimate Gifts

CureSearch is grateful to the families who have established a Champion or Legacy Fund to honor their child:

The ultimate gift to support children with cancer is a bequest in your final estate plan. CureSearch is honored to be included in the final plans of these extraordinary people:


Honor Your Child With a Legacy or Champion Fund Learn How to Plan the Ultimate Gift


You want an end to children's cancer. We do too. Let's work together to raise awareness and the money it takes to find cures. Events are a great way to do both.

CureSearch offers events focused on:

Walks Hikes
Fitness Challenges Kids
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Being Social...On Social Media

We are shining the spotlight on children's cancer on various social media channels where we post new research developments, stories about members of our CureSearch family, videos, photos and more. Join the conversation:

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