Calling All Ultimate Hike Alumni!
CureSearch introduces first alumni challenge

Alumni ChallengeThis fall, Alumni Hikers will take on the Foothills Trail in North and South Carolina. This new hike will feature 25.1 beautiful, challenging miles leading up to an experience like none other.

The Ultimate Hike is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where participants complete 15-35 mile hikes on trails across the country, all in one day. The Hike brings together children's cancer supporters from all walks of life, all to ensure that one day, every child will be guaranteed a cure for cancer.

This hike is unique, not only because it is the first Alumni Ultimate Hike, but also because it takes place in September, Children's Cancer Awareness Month.

The Alumni Hike begins before the sun rises with a boat ride to the start line. Throughout the Hike, participants will see stunning views of Jocasse Gorge, which is featured by National Geographic as one of the "50 of the World's Last Great Places." As participants reach the end of the Hike, they will face their biggest challenge yet, a 1,100 foot elevation gain that leads to the finish line.

If you're an alumni and interested in learning more about the Alumni Ultimate Hike, email To learn more about the Ultimate Hike, visit

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