Welcome to the Baby V. Fund!


The Baby V. Fund believes every brave child's battle against pediatric cancer should end victoriously. They should be living childhood dreams, not dreaming of a childhood. Together we can make this a reality!

Welcome to the Baby V. Fund. Our goal in establishing the Baby V. Fund with CureSearch for Children's Cancer is to raise money and awareness for hepatoblastoma and other rare pediatric solid tumor cancers.

Hepatoblastoma is a form of liver cancer that usually occurs in infants and arises in an otherwise normal liver. Hepatoblastoma research is in desperate need of funding as federal government funding is not only limited, but has remained flat for a decade and is now declining. Current statistics show an average of 0.9 kids per million each year are diagnosed with this disease. It is only through grassroots fundraising and private philanthropy that new research can be conducted to one day save the lives of every child who is suffering from this rare disease.

This is where the Baby V. Fund can help. With your assistance and dedication, we can change the lives of children with liver cancer. As you will see, our motivation is our own daughter Vincenza (Baby V.) who was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma when she was just nine months old.

Thank you for your time and support. To help the Baby V Fund support hepatoblastoma research, please follow this link:

Fund Research


For additional information about the Baby V. Fund, please go to: www.babyvfund.org.