Methotrexate Shortage Averted! Thank you for your support.

We are pleased to share with you that this morning, the FDA reported that the preservative-free methotrexate shortage has ceased.

Based on quick action by numerous pharmaceutical companies, and thanks to your calls and letters, preservative-free methotrexate is being produced and shipped to hospitals and treatment centers in need. Many companies who were not major producers of the drug, or in some cases, were not making the preservative-free version at all, have increased or begun production in order to stop the shortage. The FDA believes that based on new production schedules, the shortage will be completely resolved.

CureSearch, along with the children’s cancer community, continues to work with the FDA and Congress to ensure that in the future, such shortages do not occur at all.

Thank you for making your voice heard. You truly made a difference in ensuring that treatment continues, uninterrupted, for children with ALL and osteosarcoma.

Christine Bork
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