CureSearch Takes Times Square

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer can now be seen in the heart of Times Square on the CBS Super Screen located between 7th and 8th streets next to the Lowes movie complex.

The Foundation received the 26’x20’ viewing space to run an awareness display and text campaign through the end of March, 2012. The display features before cancer and during treatment photos of Cami Carver from Salt Lake City who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia just 2 months shy of her 5th birthday. Now 6, Cami and her family are helping to spread the word and create hope so that one day, all children will be guaranteed a cure.

CureSearch encourages everyone visiting NYC during the next two months to visit Times Square and look for the digital display! It runs once an hour between 6 am and 12 midnight and encourages the more than one million monthly viewers to donate $5 to CureSearch to help fund children's cancer research.

Click here to view CureSearch’s digital display.

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