Adriana Delgado Shares Her New York City Marathon Story

Adriana Delgado was one of the nine individuals representing CureSearch for Children's Cancer in the ING New York City Marathon on November 6, 2011. Adrianna traveled from Venezuela to participate in her first marathon. In total, Adrianna and her teammates raised more than $20,000 for children's cancer research. Following, Adriana shares her story about the marathon and decision to support CureSearch.

Running the New York City Marathon began as a personal goal after I watched a television show about people training for marathons. I never saw myself as a runner, but I decided, along with a friend, to take on the challenge.

We began training in 2010, but along the way, my friend decided she only wanted to run short distances. As my personal training continued, I used my time running to think about everything that was going on in my life, from my family and friends, to the reasons why I was running in the first place. After seven months of preparing, it was time to sign up for the NYC Marathon. As I learned more about the event, I found out that many people ran in support of a cause they believed in. I saw this as an opportunity to add meaning to my physical effort, and give myself a goal to fight for when I felt like quitting.

My family has had several cancer victims, so I felt my participation should benefit an organization fighting to cure this disease. I also believed that I should contribute to those who still had a chance to beat cancer. It was during this time that I found CureSearch. I felt strongly attached to CureSearch's work because I believe children are the most sacred thing and that their innocence and joyfulness can move mountains. I wrote to CureSearch to see if I could run with them since I already had an entry to run in the martahon. Thankfully, CureSearch was more than happy to have me on their team.

I am so happy to have run in support of CureSearch; not only for the work they do and the way they help children, but also for the kindness and thoughtfulness of the CureSearch Runners Team. I dedicated my marathon to both my grandmothers, Lillita and Nonna, and to my beloved uncle, El Tigre. The memory of these loved ones gave me the strength to run all the 26.2 miles with a smile on my face.

Thank you CureSearch. I hope I can continue to help your cause as we continue to get closer to a world without cancer.

Christine Bork
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