42 Hikers Trek the Foothills Trail

On a chilly October 1st, 42 hikers jointly participated in the Ultimate Hike - Atlanta and Ultimate Hike - Raleigh. Taking place on the westernmost 28.3 miles of the Foothills Trail, the hikers raised $145,000 for children's cancer research.


23 hikers from the Raleigh area joined 19 Atlanta area hikers to tackle the Foothills Trail that weaves along the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Before the start of the Hike, Chris Schafer shared the story of his daughter, Maddie Star, who is fighting AT/RT brain cancer. Chris's brother Brian drove from Wilmington, North Carolina to hike with him and to show support for Maddie. The Hike began three hours before dawn, with LED headlamps seen heading up Grassy Knob and Round Mountain.

The hikers were faced with multiple physical challenges over the course of the Hike, which showcased their perseverance. Foot and knee problems were reported at the three aid stages throughout the day. Christy Griffith was particularly challenged when her left knee began having problems midway through a 10-mile canyon at the 20-mile mark. She pushed on with the help of her friends Candi and Chris Morton to reach the nearest road which was 5.5 miles away. Once there, Christy made a choice and pressed on with the final 6 miles of the Hike.

Coach Joe Miller of the Triangle hikers offered his assessment of the hike, "Some of the hikers finished in 10 hours, a pace exceeding the 3 miles per hour if you don't count stops at the three aid stations. Most finished between 5 and 6 p.m. Atlanta hiker Amy Bram, doing much of the Hike with pain in one of her knees, brought up the rear, crossing the finish at 6:55 p.m. with 20 minutes of daylight to spare. Every one of the 42 hikers who started finished."

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