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September 1, 2011


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CureSearch for Children’s Cancer Expands Funding to
More Fully Resource Children’s Cancer Research

Foundation will continue to fund clinical trials and begin funding basic and translational research. 

Bethesda, MD -- CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is excited to share with new developments at and some changes in our relationship with the Children’s Oncology Group.  

CureSearch experienced tremendous growth in its fundraising program in the last two years, thanks to thousands of supporters across the country.  This success is due in large part to CureSearch events, including The CureSearch Walk.  Now, more money than ever before is available to fulfill our mission to fund and support children’s cancer research, and provide information and resources to all those affected by children’s cancer.  CureSearch can now expand its funding priorities to more fully resource the entire children’s cancer research community, as outlined below. 

Increased Support of COG Hospitals Conducting Clinical Trials Research

This year, CureSearch is doubling its contribution to the more than 180 Children’s Oncology Group (COG) member hospitals in the United States.  CureSearch knows that collaborative clinical trials conducted by the COG are vital to increasing survival rates for children with cancer.  These trials are very expensive, and federal funding covers only a small portion of the overall costs.  Through this support, CureSearch continues to advance research and improve health outcomes, ensuring that every child with cancer receives the best standard of care at a hospital close to home. 

CureSearch recognizes that support of both the Children’s Oncology Group and your local hospital is important to you, and it remains important to us. That is why we continue to have a multi-year commitment to COG projects and priorities and expect to increase our commitment to hospitals conducting clinical trials each year.  While we have chosen to expand our funding priorities, we remain committed to the strength and expansion of the COG clinical trials network.

Supporting Research beyond Clinical Trials

While CureSearch continues to support COG clinical trials research, CureSearch is looking to advance children’s cancer research at multiple levels. Although survival rates have increased, 1 in 5 children still loses his or her battle to cancer, and 3 in 5 children who survive experience long-term side effects.  CureSearch knows that understanding all aspects of children’s cancer - from its causes to its consequences - is critical to increasing survival rates.  That is why we will also consider funding not only COG clinical trials, but also other research areas which can include clinical, basic, and translational research.  To oversee this new effort, CureSearch will work with leaders in the children’s cancer medical community to set research priorities and identify funding programs. 

Greater Commitment to Educational Resources

CureSearch is committed to providing educational resources to patients, families and clinicians.  We will continue to enhance our website, , providing tools to assist families with the emotional aspects of caring for a child with cancer, and ensuring that all members of the care team have access to the most recent information about children’s cancer. This includes increased support to nurses for education and training so they can continue to play a vital role in providing frontline care.  When nurses have the most up-to-date knowledge, patients receive the best care.

In addition to more fully resourcing the children’s cancer community, the relationship between CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and the COG is shifting.  While the two organizations have always been separate entities, for the last 11 years CureSearch has served as the grantee for the Children’s Oncology Group grants issued by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).  With shrinking federal dollars and our desire to provide increased resources to hospitals and researchers, CureSearch will transition its grants management role and focus on fundraising.

CureSearch is able to increase funding for promising children’s cancer research because of the support of its donors. In the last two years, CureSearch has opened 8 regional offices across the nation that work with families, volunteers, corporate partners, and local hospitals to raise funds for children’s cancer research.  CureSearch now sponsors more than 100 events across the country including The CureSearch Walk and Ultimate Hike.  During this time, the Foundation also updated its name and branding from National Childhood Cancer Foundation to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and enhanced the quality and quantity of education and information resources available to patients and families, such as the new

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