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The debt ceiling discussions may have delayed the House and Senate meetings that establish how much discretionary spending the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be able to spend in FY 2012. But those meetings will happen in the next couple months since the federal government’s 2012 fiscal year begins October 1.

Washington insiders expect that the House Labor-HHS-Education subcommittee and full committee will mark up their Appropriations bill in September, following the recess Congress takes for most of the month of August.  Once the House passes their version, the Senate will hold similar meetings.

The bright spot about this delay is that while your representatives are in their home states, they’re available for meetings with constituents like you.  Whether you live near your statehouse or it’s a bit of a drive, Congress’s August recess creates an excellent opportunity to plan a nice educational family field trip to meet your legislators.  Be sure to call ahead and make an appointment.  Remember:  Legislators return home for exactly this reason – to meet with and hear from constituents like you about important issues like funding children’s cancer research.

During your visit:

  • Tell your legislators to return National Cancer Institute funding for children’s cancer research to its FY2010 levels;
  • Remind them that the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act (CPWCCCA), passed by Congress in 2008, authorized $30 million per year for five years across HHS but only $4 million was appropriated in FY2010; and
  • Thank them for their time and let them know you look forward to their continued support of children’s cancer research.

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