CureSearch Funds Children's Cancer Research Network

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is pleased to announce that nearly 200 Children’s Oncology Group hospitals in the United States and Canada are receiving payments for enrolling patients in the Children’s Cancer Research Network (CCRN) over the last nine months.  These payments total more than $750,000 and were made possible by philanthropic donors.

CCRN is a repository of data and a tool which follows patients into adulthood and seeks to identify the causes and consequences of childhood cancer, including a better understanding of whether or not children’s cancer is increasing, and if there are some children who may be at greater risk for these diseases.  Also, CCRN data can lead to the development of strategies to reduce the occurrence of cancer in children - especially secondary cancers, decrease the occurrence of late effects of treatment and improve the quality for those who survive. 

This year the National Cancer Institute was unable to fund the Children's Cancer Research Network (CCRN).  Therefore, CureSearch made the decision to fund CCRN enrollments at the request of the Chair of the Children’s Oncology Group.  In 2010, CureSearch opened five regional offices across the country to expand fundraising efforts so that the important work of the COG, such as CCRN, can be fully resourced.  Money raised will ensure that clinical trials can continue to open and children are enrolled in these trials.  

Medical advances are occurring at a faster rate than ever, and the potential for significant increases in the pace and scope of medical research for children’s cancer is real.  CureSearch will continue to be at the forefront of funding those discoveries.  Every dollar helps fund these necessary discoveries so that we can reach our goal of 100% cure rate for children’s cancer. 

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