Where There’s Will Morgan, There’s a Way

Like most eleven-year old boys, Will Morgan loved playing football and baseball. But, when he started noticing pain in his right leg after practicing, he knew something was wrong.

In October 2009, Will was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in his right femur. This rare disease in which cancerous tumors are found in bones and soft tissue is diagnosed in approximately 250 children and adolescents a year in the United States.  Found mostly in children between the ages of 10 and 20 years old, there is a slightly higher occurrence in males than in females.

For the next year, Will spent the majority of his time on crutches and in fear of breaking his leg. Needless to say football and baseball – sports that he once excelled in, were no longer an option. He underwent 14 cycles of mostly in-patient chemotherapy, one surgery to reconstruct his damaged bone, and ankle surgery. Will had to learn to walk again through physical therapy, which he still undergoes today, due to the shortening of his right leg and extreme weakness in his toes, hips, and knees.  

Where there’s Will, there’s a way. Thirteen-year old Will is not going to let cancer get the best of him; instead, he dedicates his time to raising funds for children’s cancer research so that other children have a chance at fighting this disease. Both Will and his family have participated in the CureSearch Walk – Dallas, to raise funds for children’s cancer research. “It’s a walk for other patients, because there’s always new ideas and new doctors” says Will. Raising almost $25,000 for children’s cancer research, his team “Will to Win” has been the leading Dallas fundraising team for the past two years.

Speaking of dedication, in 2010 Will wanted to walk the entire CureSearch Walk.  But, his treatments and surgeries had taken their toll and he was unable to walk more than 20 yards.  He completed the Walk in his wheelchair.  This year, Will not only completed the CureSearch Walk on foot, he spent the rest of the day speaking to golfers at the MJ Golf Classic and playing 18 holes of golf – a sport he is able to play, despite limitations from his treatments. 

Will has also participated in the CureSearch night at a Frisco Rough Riders minor league baseball game and was the inspiration for the “Put a Cap on Cancer” drive led by his school choir to raise funds for CureSearch.

CureSearch commends and thanks Will for being such an inspiration. His dedication brings us closer to finding a cure for all children’s cancers.

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