RFP in Ewing Sarcoma

CureSearch to Fund Researchers

Ewing sarcoma is a type of osteosarcoma, or bone/soft tissue cancer which occurs in approximately 250 children or teenagers each year.  Ewing sarcoma usually occurs in teenagers between 11-20 years old and is slightly more prevalent in males than females. 

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer has a long history of funding research in Ewings sarcoma and is currently funding a number of research projects, including:

  • Study at Georgetown University investigating whether or not specific proteins found only in cells of the Ewing’s Sarcoma Family of Tumors can be targeted with specific anti-cancer drugs. 
  • Examination of new data suggesting that alterations in two specific genes, p53 and p16, both found in Ewing’s Sarcoma, may help predict future outcomes for these patients.  To validate this data, researchers are extracting DNA from more than 100 specimens for potential inclusion in a study.

Currently, CureSearch is accepting proposals to support investigations interested in Ewing sarcoma basic or translational research.  Applicants should be those looking to improve the understanding of Ewing sarcoma with the potential to define new therapeutic targets or lead to the development of novel, targeted agents. 

The funding award is a maximum of $75,000 a year for two years.  Interested applicants can learn more at www.childrensoncologygroup.org.

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