June 9, 2011

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Science-Based Guidelines to be Adapted for
Children's Cancer Survivors

Humana Foundation funds CureSearch for Children’s Cancer grant to allow survivors access to follow-up care via web tool.  

Bethesda, MD – CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is pleased to announce receiving $50,000 from the Humana Foundation to disseminate guidelines about survivorship clinical care to the thousands of young adults – and their families – who have lived through cancer treatment.

For many years, health care professionals have had access to Survivorship Guidelines and “Health Links” created by Children’s Oncology Group (COG) survivorship experts to help them manage the clinical needs of children’s cancer survivors. However, there has been no resource available to patients desiring to manage their own care. With the grant from Humana, these science-based “Children’s Oncology Group Long-Term Follow-Up Guidelines” ( can be adapted for patients and their families, providing them direct access to the health information specific to their disease and course of treatment.

“CureSearch is glad to be able to bring this important health information to the people who need it most– cancer survivors and their families. We are glad to make the lives of these survivors, who have already been through so much, that much easier by providing this easy-to-understand resource for managing their often unique post-treatment healthcare needs,” said John Lehr, president and CEO of CureSearch. “The true impact of improved access to this information will be the potential for improved health outcomes for these survivors,” he added.

Once almost always fatal, children’s cancer now has an overall cure rate of 78%, and more than 350,000 children’s cancer survivors live in the United States today. Yet, being “cancer-free” does not mean being free of the effects of cancer. Children’s cancer survivors are at life-long risk for a variety of late effects including secondary cancers, infertility, heart failure, psychological problems, and more. Many of these late effects are directly related to their treatment. An estimated 60% of children’s cancer survivors will experience at least one chronic health condition.


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