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I would like to take this time to sincerely "thank you" to Sage & Company Hair Salon for sponsoring their annual Hair-Cut-AThon, benefiting Curescarch National Childhood Cancer Foundation. All money from this fundraiser will go towards children's cancer research. My thanks begin with our families, friends and especially the community who came out to support this cause. Your donations bring us one step closer to a cure. Thanks to everyone who donated to the beautiful baskets. They certainly were a hit, great job to all. To Betty, for always giving of your free time and helping to make this fundraiser a success. To Maryann, for always being there from start to finish with your wonderful ideas and support, knowing your blue angel would be very proud of you. To Sharon, for coming to support our cause and for voicing your opinion from your heart that we need to make the public aware that children are diagnosed everyday with this disease. To the hardworking professional staff of Sage & Company, including Linda, Donna, Sandra, Dawn and Kim. You always give from your heart, your free time, never complaining while standing on your feet for hours.

Your smiles, laughter and enthusiasm from the beginning of the day to the end made each customer feel special. From the bottom of my heart, I say "thank you." Last, but certainly not least, my biggest thanks goes out to Josephine, owner of Sage & Company. Your overwhelming commitment from your heart each year to this fundraiser amazes me. You remember and never forget that cancer's smallest victims should be our largest concern. Your cut-athon brings attention to the public that we must participate, advocate, educate and donate because research is the only hope for a cure. So from all the children and their families that need our help, I send you a heart filled with love and thanks for ensuring them a lifetime of dreams and milestones. The loss of one more child to cancer to one too many. Help us reach the day when no child wilh cancer will have lost hope, when no doctor will ever have to tell a family there is no treatments left to offer, and when no parent will ever pray to change places with their child. My personal journey has led me to understand that only research cures childhood cancer. 1 hope that we can reach the day when every child with cancer can be guaranteed a cure, as children are our dreams to the future.

Marie Constantino
Chairperson Sage & Company Cut-A-Thon

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