CureSearch to be Featured on NASCAR Driver Jimmie Johnson’s Helmet

Jimmie Johnson Foundation Announces CureSearch Featured as Part of Its “Helmet of Hope” During Sprint Cup Series in October 2009


September 20, 2009 (Bethesda, MD) — As part of the Jimmie Johnson Foundation program, Helmet of Hope, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson will feature CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation on his helmet during the Sprint Cup Series event at Auto Club Speedway in October 2009.

“We are thrilled that CureSearch will be visible to the millions of NASCAR fans worldwide and grateful to the Jimmie Johnson Foundation for helping us conquer childhood cancer,” said Stacy Pagos Haller, Executive Director of CureSearch.

CureSearch was nominated by Heidi Milhous of Uniontown, OH, because of the support she has received from CureSearch in her three-year old daughter, Hannah’s, fight against leukemia.

“In November 2008, Hannah was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia and has endured seven months of intense chemotherapy as an inpatient. Currently, she is in remission and we hope and pray that she stays that way,” said Milhous. 

Forty years ago, childhood cancer cure rates were less than 10 percent. Today, 78 percent of kids with pediatric cancer overall are cured. While there have been breakthroughs in treatments and improvement in survival rates, each year, like Hannah, more than 12,500 children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and over 40,000 children and adolescents are currently being treated. Cancer remains the #1 cause of death from disease in children. Today, there are 250,000 childhood cancer survivors.

Milhous explained that as an avid sports fan, Hannah would love to see CureSearch on Jimmie Johnson’s helmet. “Featuring CureSearch on Jimmie’s helmet will give it the national attention it deserves,” she said.

“While we have made progress in childhood cancer research, the loss of even one more child to cancer is one too many,” said Haller, “We want to guarantee every child with cancer the gift of a long and healthy life.”

Johnson, who today ranks third overall in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series, will draw two charities each race weekend through the New Hampshire event in September, collecting a total of 12 winning organizations.  Each winning charity will receive a $1,048 donation in addition to proceeds from the sale of a Helmet of Hope t-shirt.

About CureSearch 

Through fundraising, advocacy and education, CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation exclusively supports the work of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), the world’s largest cooperative cancer research organization that treats approximately 90 percent of all children with cancer at more than 200 leading children’s and university hospitals and Cancer Centers in the U.S. Together, we are the leading nonprofit organization committed to conquering childhood cancer through discovery and compassionate care. For more information, visit:

About the Jimmie Johnson Foundation 

The Jimmie Johnson Foundation is dedicated to assisting children, families and communities in need throughout the United States. Since it’s inception in 2006, the Jimmie Johnson Foundation has contributed more than $1.9 million to various organizations. In addition to its work on a national level, the organization is focused on making a difference in El Cajon, CA (Johnson’s hometown); Charlotte, NC (Johnson’s home today) and in the state of Oklahoma (Johnson’s wife’s home state).


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