Racing For a Cure
Young teen is Never Giving Up on a cure for cancer

Ronnie NewsomeRonnie Newsome's world changed 10 years ago when his sister, Victoria was diagnosed with a brain tumor called medulloblastoma at the age of six. Throughout treatment, Victoria's personality shone especially as she noticed when other patients were sad and always tried to cheer them up in any way she could. She fought the cancer for two long years, undergoing countless surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy. Her family searched for new treatment options, but in the end nothing more could be done. On November 6, 2005, Victoria passed away.

Ronnie and his family were left wondering what they could do to help increase the chances of survival for other children fighting cancer. Disappointed that Victoria had been treated with drugs that had been used for over 20 years. They knew that they would Never Give Up until research could lead to new and better treatment options so children can survive cancer. A lover of Hobby and Late Model cars which developed from spending weekends at the track with his father, Ronnie is an avid racer himself. When he saw a fellow racer raising funds for breast cancer research, he decided to do the same, but for children's cancer.

Now 18, Ronnie spends his free time working on his cars and racing at tracks across the country. He has won numerous awards including the Young Gun of the Year 2012 and the 2013 Speedweeks Quick Time Challenge. Ronnie decided to combine his love of racing with his desire to help others and has dedicated his races this year to raising funds and awareness for CureSearch.

Ronnie will be racing all over the country in an effort to raise essential funds for children's cancer research. He and his family are Never Giving Up on the 36 children diagnosed every day. To support Ronnie, Join CureSearch as we Never Give Up on the notion that all children with cancer can be cured.

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