Be Brave and Shave for a Cure
Ten stylists break world record for children's cancer

On October 21st, a group of dedicated stylists set out to break a world record, all for a little girl with cancer. Their goal was to break the Guinness book world record for the most heads shaved in an hour by a team, and they did just that! The previous record was 318, held by a team of hairdressers in Dublin, Ireland.

The event was inspired by Haven Anderson, a 2 year old little girl who was diagnosed in April of 2012 with stage IV neuroblastoma which started in her adrenal gland and has metastasized to her spinal cord and chest. She and her family are grateful for the amazing support they have received from the community.

A team of stylists in Milwaukee managed to shave 371 heads with time to spare. Root salon stylists Sami Teronde, Jeanette Schneider, Lara Huber, Clara Ott, Nicky Bembeneck, Becky Gbur, Jocelyn Wabiszewski, Heather Rodis, Elle Clements and Alicia La Chance were the 10 talented women who helped break the record.

Many brave people including men, children, and even women came forward to have their heads shaved not only to break the record, but to help bring awareness to children's cancer. Proceeds from the Be Brave and Shave for a Cure event benefitted CureSearch for Children's Cancer so that lifesaving research can continue to be funded.

Visit to learn more about Haven and the Guinness World Record holders.

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