Hundreds of Advocates Gather
on Capitol Hill
3rd Annual Childhood Cancer Caucus brings message of hope
to cancer community

The 3rd Annual Childhood Cancer Summit was a huge success, bringing children's cancer supporters and advocates to Capitol Hill to hear from Childhood Cancer Caucus members and members of the cancer community. Founded in 2009, the Childhood Cancer Caucus was created to serve as a clearing house for information on children's cancer and a forum to aid Members of Congress in working together to address children's cancer, advocate in support of measures to prevent the pain, suffering and long-term effects of childhood cancers, and work toward the goal of eliminating cancer as a threat to all children.

Guests enjoyed words from Childhood Cancer Caucus co-chair and founder, Congressman Michael T. McCaul and Childhood Cancer Caucus co-chair Congressman Chris Van Hollen as well as a presentation by Javed Kahn, MD, Head of Oncogenomic Section and Senior Investigator in the Pediatric Oncology Branch at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and Greg Reaman, MD, Associate Director for Oncology Sciences at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Presentations on the advancements in childhood cancer treatment show that innovative approaches are being used to create unique treatments. Dr. Kahn spoke of focusing on genes and pathways to treat cancer, not solely on the type of cancer, while Dr. Reaman spoke of ways that the FDA is working to increase the number of childhood cancer drugs approved for use in treatment by ensuring through new approval processes.  

Also in attendance were childhood cancer advocates. Among them was Dr. Jennifer Cullen, who lost her daughter in April to medulloblastoma, a brain tumor diagnosed in about 250 children each year. When Jennifer and her family found out that their daughter has medulloblastoma, she gathered as much information as she could. She was saddened to learn that many researchers don't focus on childhood cancer because there isn't as much funding as other areas.

Jennifer is no stranger to advocacy, after attending Advocacy Day in June she wanted to stay involved in the childhood cancer community and continue to raise awareness for the disease that has affected her life so profoundly. In order to make a difference in the lives of children with difficult-to-treat cancers, like meduloblastoma, groups like the childhood cancer caucus need to continue to work with childhood cancer organizations to raise awareness and funds so that treatments continue to advance.

The 3rd Annual Childhood Cancer Caucus brought together politicians, advocates and members of the cancer community to bring awareness to the work that is being done to advance childhood cancer treatments. To learn how you can work with CureSearch to help raise awareness in your local community, click here.

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