No Frills Supermarkets Raises $10,000 for Children's Cancer

When Omaha CureSearch Walk founder Kellie Beresh approached No Frills Supermarkets to help fundraise for CureSearch for Children's Cancer, they couldn't say no. "We work with many other charitable organizations on pin up campaigns; I thought, what a great way to help families with children with cancer," says Kevin Hennessy, Vice President of Perishables.

The Beresh family has long been involved with CureSearch, leading the Omaha Walk with the help of their community. After their son Jake completed cancer treatment in 2004, Kellie and her friends wanted to find a way to support children's cancer research. They were sick of seeing children pass away and knew that they could help. The Omaha Walk quickly grew and eventually drew the attention of companies like No Frills Supermarkets.

No Frills Supermarkets is a family owned company which emphasizes helping others in the community. They have nurtured an environment of giving and Kellie and CureSearch were the perfect fit. Their customers agreed, helping them raise $10,000 for the Omaha CureSearch Walk by purchasing $1 curecards, paper cards that act as a visual reminder of those affected by cancer. Employees became personally involved in the campaign, often reminding fellow employees to ask customers to make a donation.

Kevin's favorite part of the campaign was seeing how their employees were personally involved. No Frills Supermarkets kept employees motivated by providing daily updates of how many pin ups each location had sold. The Omaha Walk planning committee visited area supermarkets and acted as secret shoppers, giving employees incentive prizes for asking for donations and reminding those who did not ask how important the money being raised was.

No Frills Supermarkets dedication to the community helped the Omaha Walk raise $178,000 to help fund life-saving cancer research. The money raised will help fund clinical trials conducted at more than 180 hospitals across the nation as well as the CureSearch Investigational Research Initiative aimed at funding basic and translational research that offers the greatest potential to design treatments and improve outcomes for children with difficult to treat cancers.

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