Omaha Walkers Raise $177,000
for CureSearch!

On Saturday, June 2 thousands of walkers gathered together to celebrate the 7th Omaha CureSearch Walk. Fifty teams worked together to raise $177,056 - the largest CureSearch Walk event in the country!  The funds these teams raised will support CureSearch’s mission to fund children’s cancer research, especially clinical trials in local hospitals.

Kellie Beresch, Omaha CureSearch Walk chair, has been involved since the beginning and has watched the walk continue to grow. In the first year, she and a small group of families raised $50,000.  Now, 50 teams raised more than $170,000 and Kellie says she is amazed by how the community has rallied around the Walk and continued to stay involved over the years.

After her son Jake was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in 2003, Kellie realized the need for increased funding for children’s cancer. She and a group of friends got together and formed the first ever CureSearch Walk. They wanted to show others in their community that someone was working on behalf of children’s cancer patients and survivors. Over the years, she has been touched by how the community continues to support her and others who are affected by children’s cancer. Jake has been cancer free for 9 years and although he suffers from long term side effects from his treatment; he is a shining example of the progress that has been made in saving children from a disease that once proved fatal. 

On a beautiful Saturday morning, crowds gathered and enjoyed entertainment from clowns, magicians, PGS golf swing challenges, massage therapists, food and more. They also got a special visit from Bentley, the world’s largest dog. Bentley will be traveling the U.S. visiting local hospitals and Petsmart locations to promote Petsmarts “Put a leash on cancer” campaign. During the campaign, Petsmart will raise funds for the National Canine Cancer Foundation and CureSearch for Children’s Cancer.

To find a local CureSearch walk near you, visit and show your dedication to the fight against children’s cancer.

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